Providing EXCEPTIONAL CLIENT SERVICE, ensuring that people feel listened to and well cared for; offering COMPASSIONATE COUNSEL.

Founding Executive Director of The Mediation Center in Asheville, NC (1984), and co-founder of WNC Collaborative Law Group, Barbara is a NC certified Mediator and an attorney member of IACP - International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

  • A FRESH APPROACH to professional problem solving and the law
  • Helping people move through life transitions with MORE EASE and grace, and LESS STRESS.
  • RESOLUTIONARY approaches & healthy practices
  • Mutual Search for Agreement
  • Full and Open Disclosure of Information
  • NO COURT, no battle, no war and no threats to sue
  • Respectful Communication
  • VOLUNTARY, cooperative, non-adversarial
  • Enduring Agreements that are FAIR TO ALL

Helping people make decisions for themselves and reach closure based on their highest priorities.

"Barbara Davis is an extraordinary attorney and mediator. In one of the most emotionally charged and challenging times of my life, Barbara was there as a solid, calm and wise resource. She created a safe space for me to have and share my emotions while at the same time she gently directed me to see the big picture. She took the facts of my situation and helped me navigate a plan and a win-win solution. I have NEVER met another person like Barbara. Finding her as my collaborative law attorney is one the biggest blessings of my life." — Cheri Britton
An LGBT friendly business!